After several days of freezing rain and mild temperatures, people across the province woke to a deep freeze Saturday morning.

With temperatures hovering around -22 degrees, the windchill in Edmonton is making it feel closer to -34 degrees.

In Fort McMurray, windchill is closer to - 41.

East of Edmonton, Environment Canada has issued wind chill warnings for Bonnyville, Cold Lake, Fort Chipewyan, Fort McMurray, Fort Saskatchewan, Hanna, Leduc, Lloydminster, Slave Lake and Westlock.

At these extreme wind chill values, frostbite on exposed skin can occur within five minutes. 

A full list of weather warnings is available here

Making the most of cold weather

While many people will choose to nestle indoors until the cold snap is over, here are a few neat outdoor activities that only work in frigid temperatures.

Cold-weather activities
  • (Carefully) throw boiling water into the air and watch it turn to instant fog
  • Blow bubbles - they should freeze and roll around
  • Freeze cookie sheets of water to make “windows” for a snow fort
  • Freeze water balloons to make ice bowling balls
  • Use a spray bottle to spritz your trees/house/friends to make instant frost

Environment Canada is forecasting warmer weather for Monday, with temperatures rising to above freezing by the end of the week.