A former Alberta teacher accused of killing her ex-husband and then setting his body on fire was granted bail on Monday.

The body of 44-year-old Kevin Feland was found after the Glendon Volunteer Fire Department was called out to a house fire on May 25 in the northeastern Alberta community.

Deborah Doonanco, 51, has been charged with first-degree murder, arson and interfering with Feland's body. She was freed on $20,000 bail with conditions.

Doonanco and Feland were divorced but had recently reconciled.

Feland had a criminal record that included uttering threats against three other women since 2006.

Doonanco’s lawyer, Brian Beresh, said the case will renew discussion about “battered women’s syndrome” —where women subjected to substantial abuse take desperate measures to defend themselves against additional violence.

“There's substantial compassion for her. There's substantial community support for her.  And these are very sad circumstances where she had to defend herself,” Beresh said Monday.

Documents filed by the RCMP in the case have been sealed.

Doonanco will make a next court appearance in mid-July.