Municipal officials signed a "breakthrough" deal with the provincial government at the legislature Monday aimed at ending money woes in Alberta's cities.

But so far no one is talking about what is in the package.

A month ago, Calgary Mayor Dave Bronconnier called the deal "historic," while Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel said it was "remarkable."

However, exactly what is in the package remains a mystery. Minister of Municipal Affairs Ray Danyluk swore those in the know to secrecy.

Danyluk did say the deal goes much further than Premier Ed Stelmach's promise to give municipalities $1.4 billion in new funding annually, an annual amount equivalent to 100 per cent of the education property tax.

At the legislature Monday, the two mayors and representatives of two associations representing cities, towns and municipalities signed on to the deal, which will now be presented to cabinet and caucus.

Bob Hawkesworth, who signed the agreement Monday on behalf of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, said many members of his association are frustrated thatthey don't know what is in the deal.

"But I do believe that once the report is made public I think by and large it is going to be very positively received," he said.