A series of daytime break-ins is putting people in Edmonton's Parkallen neighbourhood on edge.

"I have a 16-year-old daughter and we've decided that she's not coming home from school early that she'll go somewhere else," said resident Kim Shanks.

Since December, there have  been a series of break and enters in the southside neighbourhood by a '"multitude of suspects involved," said police spokesman Scott Pattison.

Residents say police tell them the thieves knock on the front door, and if there's no answer, go around back and break in.

But it's not only when the break-ins are happening, but what's being stolen that is worrying residents.

"They've been in the bedrooms and going through the women's underwear," Shanks said.

Police have told some residents about the thefts.

"I was alarmed and it became sort of more personal because I have teenagers at home," Shanks said.

While police are going through the neighbourhood warning people to secure their homes, they are not telling everyone what's being stolen.

Leonne Kohn of the community league said residents should be told about the theft of women's underwear

"Behavior like that could potentially escalate," she said. "I think that's different kind of cat that's breaking into your house if they're rifling through your underwear drawer and stealing it. What are they doing with it?"

But police say they don't believe it's necessary as other items than underwear are being taken, such as children's clothing and cash.

"To suggest there's any evidence leaning towards these crimes being sexually motivated is completely inaccurate," said Pattison.

With files from CBC's James Hees