An Edmonton NDP MLA is launching public consultations on whether Alberta should abolish daylight saving time.

Thomas Dang, the MLA for Edmonton-South West, wants to introduce a private member's bill on ending the controversial practice of moving clocks an hour ahead each spring, only to move them back in the fall. 

As a private member, Dang said he doesn't have the budget to hold meetings outside Edmonton, so he hopes people will also take the survey on the Alberta NDP caucus website. The survey is open until Feb, 28. 

"We're hoping to have a bill drafted by mid-March," Dang said. 

The survey gives the times of sunrises and sunsets in six different Alberta cities, including Lethbridge and Fort McMurray in June and December under Mountain Standard Time and Daylight Mountain Time.

People are asked to indicate whether they want more morning light or evening light in the winter and summer, and whether they want to avoid changing their clocks twice a year.

The legislative assembly has tabled two petitions in support of ending daylight saving time in the past two years.