People in a northeast Edmonton neighbourhood want the city to step in and stop dangerous driving on their streets.

On Tuesday evening, a car sped through the front lawn of Lori Hansen’s house in Brintnell, flattening part of her fence and moving her concrete doorstep. Tire tracks are still visible in the grass.

“We're just thankful it was raining ‘cause if it would have been sunny, there would've been so many kids on this street,” Hansen said.


Lori Hansen is thinking about moving from the Brintnell neighbourhood after a car ploughed through her fence Tuesday night. (CBC)

Neighbours say they’ve seen too far too many crashes and near misses at the intersection of Brintnell Blvd. and 160 Avenue, just across from a playground.

Dayhome operator Joan Huber says drivers don’t slow down at the yield sign after leaving Manning Drive and run into other cars speeding along Brintnell Blvd.

“I have to really watch it with my kids,” she said. “I don’t know one day .. a pedestrian will probably get hit and maybe they’ll do something.”

There have been calls to replace the yield sign with a stop sign. Police say something has to be done and they’ve set up extra patrols and speed traps.

“It's frustrating for us because we know that minor changes to this could make a big difference, said Const.Tedd Benesch.

City officials say they’ve looked into complaints several times but say the sightlines and traffic volumes were sufficient for a yield sign.

As for Hanson, she’s thinking about moving.