Crews search for man missing in North Saskatchewan River

A search is underway for a 22-year-old man who is missing after being swept away trying to swim across the North Saskatchewan River in Devon, Alta.

The search has resumed for a 22-year-old man who is missing after being swept away by the North Saskatchewan River Sunday evening.

RCMP say the man and his friend were trying to swim across the river about 150 metres east of the Devon bridge when he got caught in the current and was swept downstream.

Fire departments from both Devon and Edmonton, as well as STARS, were immediately sent out to help search the river and its shores.

“We had one of our boats out on the river to respond to a possible drowning from Devon,” said Jill MacKenzie with Edmonton Fire Rescue.

“Nothing was found last night in our rescue efforts. We were out in the water for a few hours.”

On Monday morning, RCMP continued searching.

“Two RCMP officers are on the water in a vessel as we speak,” said Sgt. Josie Valiquette with the RCMP. “They’re searching the banks, they’re searching in the water with the use of a sonar.”

Valiquette said the two officers involved were experienced in search and rescue operations, but noted the area they are searching is very large.

The man’s family, who live in the Edmonton area, has been notified.