The new plant with purple flowers isn’t a pretty addition to your backyard — creeping bellflower is actually a fast-growing weed that sucks the life out of every bit of vegetation surrounding it.

The plant has just been added to the list of "most wanted" noxious weeds compiled by the city of Edmonton.

"They're very invasive," said Kaila Tipton, the city’s acting seasonal enforcement supervisor. "They take all the nutrients and a lot of the times it will kill the other vegetation around them."

Homeowners have ten days to remove the plants from their yards. If not, the city will dispatch contractors to pull them out  them out and then bill the property owner at least $250.

Homeowners can take out the weeds by hand or spray them with herbicides.

Tina Burback from Greenland Garden Centre suggests cutting the plant down before spraying.

"You can cut it down to about six inches," she said. "You are only spraying about six inches of foliage, much easier for a homeowner to handle."

However, not everyone can remove the weeds themselves. People who are elderly or disabled can call the city’s 311 line for help.