Edmonton city councillors have turned down a proposal to build a funicular or gondola to take pedestrians from downtown into the river valley.

The route was proposed to run south from Jasper Avenue down 104th Street to the site of a redeveloped Rossdale power plant.

Joan McCollum from the Hillside condominiums board believes that 104th Street is a terrible place to build such a project.  

"Access is a problem and they're proposing new developments in that area which will compound that situation," she says.

"The noise levels, the health issues, quality of life — just doesn't make any sense."

Some councillors believe the city should figure out what to do with the Rossdale power plant before worrying about river valley access.

The future of the decommissioned plant is in question after the city learned it would cost $87 million to have the structure readied for future occupancy.