Edmonton city council unanimously turned down a request on Monday for a new liquor store in Belvedere. 

About 50 people who live near the proposed location showed up at council on Monday to discuss their concerns about putting another liquor store in the northeast Edmonton neighbourhood. 

Community league president Mike Kleparchuk was pleased with council's decision. 

"I have much gratitude and thanks towards council and the whole process," he said. "I know there’s a lot of people involved including planning and the fact that they took the time to not prejudge and listen to our concerns and consider them.”

In a report that went before council, city administration said the proposal is appropriate for the strip mall on 66th Street at 132nd Avenue and falls in line with the city's strategic growth plan.

The people who made the application for the liquor store say it would have been a Mom and Pop operation and they haven't had problems at their other stores over the last 15 years.

Residents in the area expressed a concern about declining property values and an increase in crime. 

empty store

Some Belvedere residents are fighting an application to put a liquor store in this space at a strip mall at 66th Street and 132nd Avenue. (Andrea Huncar/CBC News)

"There's lots of problems already in the area," said Samantha Relf, who works at a pharmacy two doors down from the proposed store site

"Our front store keeps getting graffitied. There's already people out there begging for money so what's going to happen when they add a liquor store? I've had instances where I've actually had to walk customers to their car because they were afraid of the people out there asking for money."

Relf said none of her customers support the proposal.

With files from Andrea Huncar