Edmonton city councillor Mike Nickel wants to star in his own TV show, and he wants donations to help cover costs.

The politician produced a video to promote the idea, which would see him hosting a weekly television show about local politics and other issues.

Suggestions for show themes would come from Facebook and Twitter.

Before the cameras can start rolling, Nickel​ says he needs cash.

He is hoping crowd-sourcing, where interested people can make individual contributions to help fund a project, will get the show off the ground.

He is aiming to raise $6,500, but says so far only a couple hundred dollars have come in.

“[It’s been a] very slow start,” he said Tuesday. “Hopefully, we'll get the message out. I'm confident that the money is going to come."

Now Nickel​ says he’s planning to look for ongoing investors.

"I'm a type A personality so I'm not afraid to dig. Everybody knows I like a good conversation and I like a good debate."  

Nordic Filmworks will be producing the show, which is expected to roll out in the next few months.