An Edmonton city councillor says the plan to not build any more bike lanes doesn't go far enough. Instead, he thinks some existing lanes need to be moved. 


Michael Walters says the city should focus on building bike lanes closer to Edmonton's core. (CBC)

Michael Walters says those bike lanes are causing too many headaches for drivers.

Walters says he supports bike lanes in general. But, he suggested Monday in a report to council that bike lanes should be built from the centre of the city out.

Mistakes started when funding fell short for Edmonton's Bicycle Transportation Plan and the city began to focus on getting the most kilometres of bike lanes without thinking about quality, he said.

The city was putting bike lanes in newer neighbourhoods because it's cheaper, Walters said. Suburban roads are in better shape than those in older neighbourhoods like Old Strathcona. 

He said he's heard from drivers and cyclists who agree that some of the new lanes in the suburbs aren't working.

He pointed to examples like 40th Avenue, where the new bike lanes are creating congestion.