Coun. Michael Oshry said fellow councillors have shown no interest in changing a policy that allows them to claim severance packages if they leave their posts before their terms are completed.

"Council's view on this obviously is to keep this as it is now," he said.

Oshry said members of the public asked him to address the issue after Amarjeet Sohi left his seat to run in the federal election.

Sohi accepted a $46,000 transition package from the city when he took up his new post as federal infrastructure minister.

Oshry asked about the compensation policy on Wednesday, and was told that no further changes are expected until 2020.

"I thought it would be something that would be looked at more often," he said.

Council benefits are decided by an independent committee every two terms. When councillors leave their posts, they're paid a transition allowance equal to three weeks salary for each year served, to a maximum of 36 weeks.

Oshry said after learning the committee has been disbanded until 2020 he decided to let the issue lie.

"Unfortunate that it's so far away, but I guess in 2020, when the committee is back in play, it will look at the entire issue," he said.