Coun. Leibovici announces entry to mayor's race

Edmonton Coun. Karen Leibovici made her entry into the mayor's race this fall official this morning.

Longtime councillor to challenge Coun. Kerry Diotte for mayor's chair

Coun. Karen Leibovici announces Thursday she will run for the mayor's office in the October municipal election. (CBC)

Edmonton Coun. Karen Leibovici made her entry into the mayor's race this fall official, announcing to a packed room Thursday morning that she is the right person for the job.

"'Ive got the experience, I've got the background, and I've got the ability to bring everyone around the table so we can continue discussing where we go as a city," she told the crowd.

Leibovici has been on city council for twelve years and was the most recent chair of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

Coun. Tony Catarina, who will be seeking re-election as a councillor in Ward 4, said that Leibovici’s support is broad-based.

"It's a good coalition of everybody involved in the city or that has a stake in the city," he said Thursday. "They all seem to agree that Karen would be the one constant in all their wishes."

Rod Lumadi, a member of Edmonton's Filipino community, agrees.

"I'm really impressed with her because she's involved not only locally — [but] provincially and nationally. And that's what we need."

Leibovici joins Coun. Kerry Diotte and Curtis Penner, president of the Ermineskin Community League, as candidates for the mayor's chair.

Coun. Don Iveson is also expected to join the race, but hasn't officially declared himself a candidate.