The Strathcona County councillor caught up in a recent sex scandal is seeking re-election in the upcoming civic race, with the support of his wife who has stood by her husband throughout the controversy.

Two weeks ago, Ward 8 Councillor Jason Gariepy admitted to sending explicit photos of himself to someone he met online photos which he claimed were then being used to blackmail him.

Gariepy said copies of the photos were sent to the media, to his wife and to the Strathcona County mayor’s office.

However, Strathcona County mayor Linda Osinchuk said no package ever reached her office.

Gariepy and his wife, Monica, visited the CBC studio Tuesday to speak about the scandal and Gariepy’s upcoming campaign.

“There's issues,” admitted Monica Gariepy, “but sometimes you’ve got to stand up and do the hard route -- and this is the hard route.”

“Jason was a good councillor before and he's going to be a good councillor after – hopefully even better. We will be working through personal issues and hopefully that will make him an even better person.”

For his part, Gariepy credits his wife’s support for giving him the confidence to run for council again.

“I've got the support of my wife and if she couldn't find it in her heart to forgive me and for us to move on, there's no way I could have the confidence to go up to the residents and say ‘give me a second chance.’“

Gariepy has still not revealed who he thinks is behind the alleged blackmail, however RCMP are investigating.

As for whether voters in Strathcona County are as equally willing to forgive and forget, Gariepy will have to wait until the municipal election on October 21.