A 26-year-old woman killed in her mobile home last weekend is described by a friend a kind, generous and strong woman.

"She wanted to take care of people," said Tatiana Kopchuk. "She was the most wonderful person to be around and she was so easy and understanding to talk to because she was a very good listener."

Kopchuk met Yeny Alfaro in October 2011 when the pair worked together at Sears, where Alfaro headed the health and safety department.

Kopshuk said her friend was free-spirited, upbeat -- always exciting and energetic.

"When you were around her you couldn't help but smile," she said. "It was contagious."

Alfaro was excited about being married in March. There didn't seem to be any hint of trouble in her life, Kopchuk said.

"She was a wonderful person. I can't understand why somebody would do something like that."

Kopchuk said she's still trying to make sense of Alfaro's violent death.

"When you find out about something like this, it's impossible to make sense of it. It's still unreal."

Police refuse to say much about Alfaro's death, other than she was found dead Sunday in her trailer at the Oakridge Mobile Home Park in southeast Edmonton.  

They said Alfaro's death was not random and there is a suspect, but so far no arrests have been made and no one is in custody.

With files from CBC's Janice Johnston