A convicted sex offender who was released from prison a month ago is back in custody after breaching the conditions of his release.

Kevin John Taylor, 49, was released from Bowden Correctional Centre after serving a 12-year sentence for the sexual assault of young girls.

His release prompted police to issue a public warning on Jan. 7th which called him "a high risk to reoffend sexually and violently against females." 

Taylor is back in custody after he was arrested on Monday. Police would not reveal how he allegedly breached his conditions but say that he didn’t hurt anyone.

Taylor is the second convicted sex offender to be arrested shortly after being released from prison this month. 


Kevin John Taylor, 49, is back in custody after allegedly breaching the conditions of his release. (Edmonton Police Service)

Last week, Bruce Windsor, 51, was charged with new offences six days after he was released from a psychiatric facility.

He had just completed a two-year sentence for possessing child pornography, publishing child pornography and breach of probation.

The new charges include two counts of possessing child pornography and several counts of breaching a parole condition by visiting places where children are present.

Like Taylor, Windsor was the subject of a public warning from police.