The controversial Glacier Skywalk project is now under construction in Jasper National Park.

Once completed, the walkway and glass-floored observation deck will give visitors a view over the Sunwapta Valley.

"We’re really, really proud of it," said Michael Hannan of Brewster Travel Canada, the company behind the project.

"It’s a wonder of design and engineering that fits beautifully into its surroundings here."

However, opponents are worried about the project’s effect on wildlife like bighorn sheep and mountain goats.

"They’re very sensitive to reproduction," said Kim Wallace, a Jasper resident who helped wage a battle against the project.

"They have a low reproductive rate and they were right underneath where the skywalk is being developed right now."

Parks Canada says environmental studies are underway and construction measures have been put in place to protect those species.

The walkway is scheduled to open in spring 2014.