Now that the last planes have left City Centre airport, crews have begun to transform the site into a residential community.  

Over the next couple of months, the runways and taxiways will be dug up and recycled.      

"There's asphalt, concrete, there's probably gravel under the runways.  We want to re-use that material," said Mark Hall, executive director of Blatchford Redevelopment. 

City Centre Airport plane

Before any material is dug up, crews will spend the next three to four days removing snow off the site. Just one of the many stages to complete the project. 

"This is a large site," Hall said. "We're looking at probably 15 or 18 different stages over the same number of years."

Hall is looking forward to when the first families move into the community.

"The first residents, they'll be pioneers in Edmonton as far as that project is concerned," said Hall.

The first residents are expected to move in late 2016. Once the development is complete, Blatchford will be home to 30,000 people.