It may be the most off the wall ode to the Oilers ever created.

National Lampoon

Watson says the portrait was inspired by this National Lampoon movie poster.

In search of a one-of-a-kind piece of team memorabilia, Fort McMurray's Chad Watson decided to commission a painting of his favourite player, Connor McDavid.

But this isn't your typical portrait.

The oil on canvas piece features an epic scene; a victorious McDavid, standing over a mass of defeated Calgary Flames players collapsed on the ice. His stick raised high over his head in victory, McDavid's jersey has been ripped open, exposing a Herculean chest of chiselled muscle.

"I was just kind of poking around in my head for a different kind of collectable, more of a conversation piece," Watson said during a Monday morning interview on Edmonton AM. "Something that people will come by and see it on the wall and get a bit of a laugh.

"What better than to have him standing on a pile of our rivals."

Watson had McDavid autograph the likeness at a fan appreciation event over the holidays, and the beloved rookie took it all in stride.

"He had a laugh," Watson said. "It's not to be taken seriously, it's all for fun, so I think he got that.

"He signed it, got a picture, and moved on."


The artwork, inspired by a National Lampoon poster from 1983, was created by an artist in Serbia, who Watson hired over the internet.

Watson wouldn't say how much he paid for the piece, but said the reaction it's garnered has been priceless.

"Price isn't really important. Nothing crazy, I will say. It's more for the enjoyment and something different to have on the wall. And I guess it's been working, because all the attention it's been getting is the most entertaining of all."