Prince charles

Concerned residents will meet with officials to discuss the proposed Greyhound bus terminal in the Prince Charles neighbourhood. (CBC News)

Concerned residents in the Prince Charles neighbourhood will meet with Greyhound officials Tuesday to discuss the possibility of relocating the bus terminal to the community.

The bus company’s lease in the current 103 Avenue and 103 Street location expires in May 2016 and the property has been purchased by the Katz Group, the development group behind the new arena.

Now, Greyhound is looking into the possibility of relocating the terminal to its maintenance yard north of the Yellowhead Trail on 123 Street — something residents were not happy to hear.

While the proposed site itself is in the midst of an industrial zone, residents in the Prince Charles neighbourhood to the south are worried what the move will mean for their community.

“They are concerned about the increased traffic and they don’t think the roads are adequate, particularly in the winter,” said Bev Esslinger, city councillor for the area. “They are concerned about the potential of people hanging around, maybe increased crime.”

greyhound station

Edmonton's downtown Greyhound station will lose its lease in May 2016, prompting the company to look for a new terminal site. (Tim Adams/CBC)

Esslinger is hoping the Greyhound officials are open to considering other site options.

“I don’t think it’s the right location for a bus station,” Esslinger said. “There’s not really connectivity. If you do come to Edmonton, where do you go now? If you don’t have a car or someone picking you up, it’s going to be hard to get out of the area.”

The meeting is at 5 p.m. at Prince Charles School on 127 Street and 123 Avenue.