More than 20 friends, neighbours and even strangers showed up at Kimberley Bewick’s house on Saturday to help clean her yard and fix the mess that she says was left behind by a contractor.

In May CBC’s Go Public reported about Bewick and her partner Jennifer Alabiso who said when they cancelled a job with a local contractor because of poor-quality work, the company placed a lien against their home more than four times what they said they owed.

Bewick and Alabiso said they couldn’t borrow any more money to make repairs or finish the job, and had been left with a messy, cluttered yard.

That yard was where Bewick’s six-year-old autistic son Julius used to play.

“We were left with a yard full of debris, dangerous debris that made it impossible for our kids to play out here,” Bewick said.

Bewick and Alabiso

Kimberley Bewick (left) and Jennifer Alabiso hired Rapid Roofing and Renovations last year to clear an ice dam from their roof and then reshingle it. (CBC )

The couple hired a company called Rapid Roofing & Renovations in April 2013 to clear an ice dam on the roof and to add an extension to the 80-year-old home. Roof problems continued and after being unsatisfied with the work, they cancelled the contract.

Bewick said they had already paid the contractor more than $70,000. The company put a lien on their home for $107,000 which prevents them from selling or renewing their mortgage.

Mark Jantz, who has a son with autism, wanted to help with fix the little things around the yard so the family can worry about bigger issues.

“It’s all step-by-step, otherwise they get overwhelmed,” he said. “If we can get a couple of their main steps done, then they can feel better and it won’t seem like such a mountain.”

Bewick was taken aback by the support Saturday and is excited for her son to see the final product.

“To be around it when he sees it, I just can’t wait to see how excited he is to have his special place back.”