Officers with Edmonton's public safety compliance team say the bar at the York Hotel should be closed immediately. ((CBC))

A letter sent to city officials from Edmonton's Public Safety Compliance Team says people are being seriously injured because of delays in closing the nightclub at the York Hotel.

The owners of the notorious bar were told June 15, 2009, that the licence was being suspended because the bar represented a continuing threat to public safety.

Over a period of two years, fire and emergency personnel were called to the bar 1,214 times.

The owners appealed the suspension, but the hearing into the issue was delayed until last week, when it was again delayed until March.

In the letter from the compliance team, Acting Sgt. Nicole Chapdelaine said the bar should be shut down immediately. "Further delays continue to contribute to increased risk to public safety," the letter said.

"It is no longer acceptable to ignore the continued poor business practices and blatant disregard towards the personal safety of individuals who frequent or pass through the area, all in the interest of continued financial gains," the letter continued.

The letter also outlines alleged incidents at the York since the original order was issued, including an aggravated assault where the victim may have suffered permanent brain damage and another where a bouncer was attacked with a weapon.

The city's Community Standards and Licence Appeal Committee will consider the concerns Friday afternoon.