A number of close election races went to recounts on Wednesday, including a council seat in Edson that was decided by the draw of a name.  

In Edson, the six candidates who receive the most votes get to sit on council. After a recount, John Walker and Jim Gomuwka were in a dead heat.

“According to the elections act, both names go into a draw and the person that is drawn is declared to have one more vote than the other person,” said town spokesman Steve Bethge.

“John Walker is in the final seat and Jim Gomuwka is out.”

Council veteran Gomuwka said he was disappointed but has no plans to challenge the outcome in court.

“It's the process and it could have went either way. Unfortunately, it didn't go my way,” he said.

“Outside of a coin toss, I guess this is the only way.”

In Ponoka, candidates Rick Bonnett and Doug Gill ended up only one vote apart in the race for mayor.

A recount at Ponoka town hall on Wednesday confirmed Bonnett as the winner after he received 960 votes compared to 959 for Gill.

“It’s like being one number short on a lottery,” Gill said.

In Morinville, a recount confirmed Lisa Holmes as the mayor. Holmes finished just 16 votes ahead of her only competitor, Sheldon Fingler.

Like Edson, the six candidates with the most votes serve on Morinville town council. A recount also put Rob Ladouceur ahead of Jackie Luker by just five votes.