The man convicted of manslaughter in the death of Dylan McGillis on Whyte Avenue in 2006 was sentenced Wednesday to five years in prison.

Cliff Decoine-Zuniga was part of a group that attacked McGillis.

Justice John Gill found that Decoine-Zuniga punched McGillis, pursued and stomped him while he was on the ground. McGillis was then fatally stabbed by someone else in the group. That person has never been identified. 

McGillis and Beres

Dylan's parents Grant McGillis and Marlene Beres attended court Wednesday for the sentencing decision. (CBC )

McGillis' mother Marlene Beres wishes Decoine-Zuniga received more time in prison. 

“My son doesn't get out in five years," she said outside the courthouse. "He stays where he is now."

Grant McGillis hopes others who saw what happened that night will come forward so the person who stabbed his son can be charged.

“You know that's all we have," he said. "We can only hope for somebody else to come forward and put the rest of the puzzle together.”

Crown prosecutor Ashley Finlayson said that no other charges have been laid in the case.