A mother goose that has taken up residence on the balcony of a Terwillegar condominium has laid three more eggs.

Ron Zukowski and his son Derek first discovered the goose they’ve named “Claire” sitting in their planter last week. 

First she laid one egg — now she has four.

Zukowski is excited that Claire has a whole family of goslings on the way. And Dad comes to visit as well.

Ron Zukowski

Ron Zukowski is unable to use his balcony while the mother goose is nesting. (CBC)

“It's good to see the male comes and visits and sits and perches and makes sure the eggs are looked after,” he said.

The eggs are expected to hatch in about three weeks.

This may not be Claire’s first stay at Zukowski’s condo complex.

He has learned that his next-door neighbours had a goose on their balcony last year.