Edmonton will save 50 elm trees in the neighbourhood of Old Strathcona from the axe.

Earlier this month, it announced it would cut down 70 trees on Whyte Avenue.

The city said Tuesday it will now cut down only 20 of them.

Jeannette Wheeler, Edmonton's director of forestry, said the city assessed the trees and determined some of them could be saved.

The city also received pressure for local residents to keep the trees standing, she said.

The problems with the trees stem from them growing on a median in middle of the popular road. High traffic and the lack of space for the roots have also contributed to their poor health.

Wheeler said there is no guarantee more trees will not be torn down on Whyte Avenue in the future.

"Everything has a lifespan," she told CBC News.  

"I would love to see those trees there for my grandchildren... the chances are no."

The 20 trees that can't be saved will be cut down in June.