Edmonton police respond to a shooting at a downtown club Monday morning. ((CBC))

Edmonton officials are asking for a review of the licence for the Twilight Afterhours club, after a man was killed outside the club around 8 a.m. Monday.

Police found Justin Sullivan, 28, dead in his vehicle outside the club after receiving reports of gunshots. Another man was seriously injured.

"There's a series of conditions that are unique to after hours clubs … to ensure proper business practices," said Troy Courtoreille, who heads up Edmonton's Public Safety Compliance Team.

Clubs do not require a liquor licence, Courtoreille said, but do need to maintain safety codes and mandated business practices.

"No persons involved in illegal activities are allowed to remain in the club, no intoxicated persons are allowed to be in the club, any persons convicted of drug trafficking or any drug-related offences aren't to be in a club," Courtoreille said.

It can be difficult to enforce those conditions, he said, especially when it comes to arranging the resources to be at the clubs in early morning hours.

Courtoreille and a partner met with the owner of Twilight Afterhours last month to discuss concerns, he said.

"One of the concerns we do have with this location and with that area and stuff is it can be relatively quiet for prolonged periods of time, but when something does erupt there, it's usually significant and of serious concern to public safety."

Last summer, a bullet was fired through the doorway of the nearby Presbyterian church.  In 2006, when the club was called the Red Light Lounge, three people were shot and killed. A year later, a 19-year old man was stabbed.