City sees job boom in May

Growth in energy, finance and healthcare industries add up to 8 thousand new jobs over the month.

After a slow start to the year, Edmonton’s economy has bounced back with huge growth in the May job market.

Eight thousand jobs were created in the city last month, close to the kind of increases seen in 2005 and 2006.

"This is a boom month," said John Rose, the city’s chief economist. "These kinds of job growth numbers are not sustainable in the long run because we'll run out of people."  

Alberta’s energy industry is playing a big part in the growth, with new projects in the oilsands increasing the demand for construction companies around Edmonton.

For many builders, it not only means scrambling to find new workers but also holding on to the ones they already have.

"Certainly from a retention perspective we're looking at different strategies to try to retain our employees because theres so much more competition," said Sue Melik, director of talent and acquisition for Ledcor.

Transportation, finance and healthcare also saw jobs created, most of them full time.

Alberta is showing the highest employment growth in the country and is tied with Saskatchewan for the lowest unemployment rate at below 5%.