An artist's rendition of what a new bridge replacing the Walterdale Bridge might look like. ((CBC))

The City of Edmonton is looking for inspiration in replacing the nearly 100-year-old Walterdale Bridge.

The city wants the new bridge to be not only functional, but also a signature landmark – a point of pride for Edmontonians.

Dozens of people attending an open house Thursday night were asked to consider New York's Brooklyn Bridge, Vancouver’s Lions Gate or even Edmonton’s High Level Bridge.

Four types of bridges are being considered, as well as four options for location and access roads.

"It would be nice to have a beautiful bridge," said Mary Joyce "However it wouldn't be nice if the penalty was the traffic around it got worse."

It's essential to think beyond cars, bikers and pedestrians, said Jordan Schroeder.

"Having that flexible capacity for high speed rail or LRT down the road is really important," he said.

"My concern is when I hear talk of trenches running for many, many blocks," said Wayne Baird.

Trenches are roads that run below grade.

Neither pretty or pedestrian friendly, Baird said.

"It's sort of a freeway mindset and that's what I worry about."

Comments will be accepted until Dec. 3.           

Council wants a final design by April.

Construction is expected to begin in three years.