Edmonton cyclists may soon have an easier time navigating the city’s streets.

The city has come up with a four-year bike plan that could mean up to 500 kilometres of bike routes and shared paths being added or updated in the city core.

The report, which was tabled by city’s transportation committee, says improving bike-friendly infrastructure in the downtown, Oliver, Strathcona, Garneau and University neighbourhoods should be a priority, given the volume of current cyclists, as well a popular bike routes and destinations.

The report recommends making the city more winter-cycling friendly by identifying routes that could be maintained throughout the snowy months.

Public opinion was also a factor in identifying priority areas, the report says.

The plan outlines steps continuing public engagement and education in planning future bike lanes and cycling initiatives.

Chris Chan with Edmonton Bicycle Commuters says his group is pleased about the proposal. 

“Both in terms of having as much as possible physical separation between bikes and motor vehicles in the high traffic areas as well as really designing it well with the neighbourhood in mind and having that really extended consultation process.”

Before the work can start, the plan has to be approved by city council. A meeting has been scheduled to discuss the matter on June 5.

Read more about the proposed bike lanes below: