City officials have released an unofficial list of Edmonton’s ten most dangerous intersections for 2013.

The intersection of Yellowhead Trail and 149th Street — the site of 82 collisions in 2013 claimed the top spot, up from second place in 2012.

2013 Ranking


Total Collisions 2012 Ranking
1 Yellowhead Trail and 149th Street  82 2
2 107th Avenue and 142nd Street 80 7
3/4 23rd Avenue and 91st Street 64 1
3/4 90th Avenue and 85th Street 64 -
5 Yellowhead Trail and 127th Street 60 5
6 118th Avenue and Groat Road 59 10
7/8/9 137th Avenue and 97th Street 58 -
7/8/9 Whitemud Drive WB and Gateway Boulevard 58 3
7/8/9 87th Avenue and 170th Street  58 -
10 High Level Bridge 56 9

Out of the top 10, seven intersections included this year were also on the 2012 list.

“The rankings do have a little bit of randomness to them, but it's typical that we'll see a lot of our high volume locations consistently in the rankings,” said Collision Data Supervisor Brandt Denham.

Denham said the city uses the annual rankings to make intersections safer.

“In 2012, Whitemud Drive and Calgary Trail was in the top five. We've since implemented a signalized right turn. And it is no longer in the top ten for 2013.”

But Denham says there’s only so much the city can do as poor driving habits — especially distracted driving and following too closely — are the biggest factor behind the collisions.

Click below to see a map of all the intersections included in this year's list.