City rejects 300-metre buffer between erotic massages and schools

Increasing the distance between erotic massage parlours and schools will only drive the businesses underground, says a report going to city councillors today.

Buffer would drive industry underground, councillors fear

Councillors rejected a plan to create a 300 metre zone between schools and massage parlours 2:17

Edmonton city councillors have rejected a plan to keep erotic massage parlours 300 metres from schools, parks or daycares, fearing the buffer would drive the industry underground.

In March, councillors asked city staff to look at keeping massage parlours no closer to schools than 300 metres, up from the current distance of 100 metres.

Communities such as McCauley and Westmount feel they are being inundated by the body rub parlours.

After investigating, a city report concluded the rule changes would be so restrictive, they would limit massage parlours to industrial corridors near Yellowhead Trail or Whitemud Drive.

Instead the businesses would likely move underground, making them all but impossible to monitor, said the report.

Current bylaws allow bars and liquor stores to be 100 metres from schools.