A map showing the proposed additions. ((City of Edmonton))

The City of Edmonton wants to expand the river valley's trail systemin the west end, with a plan to build new routes and a new footbridge crossing the river.

Thousands of people flock to the trails to bike, run and walk, but not everyone has easy access to the system.

The city wants to buildtwo kilometres of trails along the river, along with a new footbridge south ofFort Edmonton Park.The changes, meant to be completed by 2009,will give residents in west-end neighbourhoods safe access to the river valley.

Bob Samison was one of a large crowd of people at Westridge-Wolf Willow community hall Wednesday nightstudying maps closely and examining where the new trails and bridge will go.

"Our river valley is the most gorgeous thing in any city, in Canada, really. We want to make sure no mistakes are made," he said.

Patricia Edney lives in the area and says the project will also help her feel lesslike a trespasser.

"We struggled to find a way into the river valley that was legal. We would, you know, go into farmers' fields to get down there. So it's nice to see this is going to be opening it up so we can walk into the river from here."

The Fort Edmonton Footbridge and Trails project still has to be approved by city councillors, but before that happens they are asking for feedback from the public.

This trail expansion is part of a plan to build a network from Fort Saskatchewan to Devon.