The City of Edmonton has won an international award for a creative campaign it launched using Lego to teach Edmontonians about bike safety.

The Institute of Transportation Engineers handed over the Transportation Safety Council Edmund R. Ricker Award in Seattle on Wednesday.

The award recognizes the city’s imaginative outreach and creative communication in making transportation safer for the city’s cyclists.

Listen to Edmonton AM's Mark Connolly talk to the city's Tyler Golly about the project.

“One of the reasons that [the video] stands out, and is doing so well, is because when we entered into this we knew that just having something educational wasn't going to be sufficient,” said Pam Hnytka with the city.

“It needed to be something engaging, something people wanted to share, something people could identify with and something where people didn’t feel judged and no one is going to feel judged by a Lego character who is cracking some jokes,” she added.

Click below to watch one of the city’s award-winning videos.