A vandal has struck out against Edmonton’s familiar “City of Champions” welcome signs.

Each of the city’s trademark signs has been given a new, alternative slogan such as

“City of Speed Traps” and “Construction City.”

The replacement plaques were attached using a construction adhesive, or industrial glue, and then screwed in to cover the original message.

Road Construction City

(Courtesy: Michelle Schon)

They looked almost professional, city crews said.

Chris LaBossiere, the co-chair of the mayor’s task force on image and reputation, admitted to chuckling when he heard about the vandalism.

“Like everybody, I saw a little bit of Edmonton tongue-in-cheek in it, that self-deprecating sense of humour that we have. I smiled at first,” he said.

LaBossiere said the replacement plaques may be a sign that Edmontonians no longer feel the ‘old-fashioned, big lofty slogans’ of the past apply.

“There’s a cynicism about slogans, so maybe that’s part of the statement being made here,” he said, adding that it has maybe become time for Edmonton to re-consider the “City of Champions” message.

“I think it does touch a nerve about what some people feel about the city and that we need to do a better job of telling our own story.”

Edmonton police are now looking into the sign vandalism.