The group hoping to light up the High Level Bridge says it will not spend a nickle of the city's money to complete the project. 

"There won't be any city money involved," said Dave Mowat, chairman of the light the bridge organizing committee.

Mowat told Edmonton AM host Mark Connolly that reports his group is now seeking money for the project from taxpayers are not true.

"Plan A is we're going to raise all the money," he said. "Secondly if we did fall short you could actually shorten up (the string of lights on) the south end of the bridge. It's obscured by trees in the summer time. If you didn't know it wasn't the full meal deal you'd probably never know.

A request to council for $250,000 is simply to hurry the project along and get the cheapest price on the bulbs themselves, he said.

"The city has a very good rule that a project like this can't start until all the funding is in place," Mowat said.

The group has what it thinks is a terrific price on the lights.

"That price won't stay there forever," Mowat said. "We'll never use the city's money. It only has to be there to issue a purchase order."

Fundraising is going well, with $2.258 million raised so far, he said.

"More than 6,800 people have bought lights," he said. "It's the hottest secret Santa gift in town."

Mowat hopes the project will be completed for Canada Day.

"It's an arbitrary date, but it'd be a fun date for the city to have a midnight party."