The city says it has fixed a gltich in "speed on green" photoradar cameras. ((CBC))

Edmonton hopes to have it’s "speed on green" cameras up and running in June.

The city is being careful the cameras are foolproof, said city transportation manager Bob Boutilier.

"One more problem and we could lose the whole thing," he said. "If it can be shown that a system has a fault you can lose all your cases. 

"We just can't take the risk of letting a bad ticket get through."

The city suspended the program in January after it was discovered the equipment was clocking drivers at speeds impossible to attain.

The glitch prompted the province to refund more than 100,000 tickets issued back to November 2009.

The manufacturer of the speed on green system has taken responsiblity for the mistake that has cost the city $12.3 million in lost revenue, said Boutilier.

However he wouldn't say if the city will sue for damages.

The city is also adding more people to the unit that checks tickets before they're sent out, said Boutilier

 A computer program is also being developed as a back-up, he said.

"We're actually going to check every violation to make sure it's valid."