The city of Edmonton is holding a contest to find names for five current and proposed LRT lines.

"The best person to know what name makes sense are the people who use the system," said city transportation general manager Bob Boutilier.


City transportation manager Bob Boutilier says people who use the LRT know best what the lines should be called. (CBC)

The city is seeking names or ideas that reflect traits unique to Edmonton, non-commercial landmarks or provincial animals.

People can submit up to five names in each category by calling 780-447-3439 or entering online. Deadline for submissions is Aug. 15.

Entries will be short-listed with the winners announced this fall. City council will make the final decision on what the lines will be named.

The city is seeking names for the following routes:

  • Northeast Edmonton to Heritage Valley
  • St. Albert to Health Sciences
  • Lewis Farms to Sherwood Park
  • Sherwood Park to Ellerslie
  • Lewis Farms to Ellerslie 

Boutilier points out the newest extension to the LRT system isn't accurately named, as it doesn't reflect where the line will eventually end.

"Ultimately, it's not the NAIT line. It's going to St. Albert and it will be built in stages," Boutilier said.

"We don't want to have the NAIT line and then it's the Griesbach line and then it's the St. Albert. We need to name these lines so that they go to the end of the line and not just to the next station."