Edmonton city council is considering raising fees for everything from parking to pet licences and construction permits in a bid to deal with a $35-million deficit.

City staff unveiled reports Friday recommending that most fees go up five per cent. Other fees could double.

The cost of a dog licence would go to $70 from $67, while a permit to build a deck would go to $110 from $53.

Parking meters downtown would have their maximum rates increased to $3 an hour from $2.50. That would add $400,000 to city coffers, the reports suggested.

"One of the first concerns here is that we are proposing an increase in transit fares next year, and we want to make sure that we are not setting parking rates that actually are a disincentive to transit use," said Brice Stephenson, manager of transportation operations for the city.

The steeper fee increases for such things as construction permits reflect a need to fully recover the city's costs, said Bob Scheele with the city's planning and development department.

"Basically, if you know our staff time to review an application for say, a garage permit, if our staff time costs $100 and we were only charging $10 for that particular service, then we're subsidizing and we're losing money."

City council will start budget deliberations next week.