As another school year begins, so does a crackdown on safety in the areas surrounding them.

The city launched a zero-tolerance enforcement campaign on Thursday, reminding parents and students to park responsibly and avoid jaywalking near schools.

Parking enforcement officers will be out looking for vehicles parking illegally around schools, as well as jaywalkers.

Scott Millar, the principal of Johnny Bright School in south Edmonton, says this has been a significant problem since the school opened five years ago.

Millar says parents are encouraged to put safety over convenience — and he won’t apologize to those who get a ticket.

“I won’t take responsibility for that,” Millar said. “I would empathize with them but my lines are about be part of the solution, you have a ticket because you’ve been part of the problem.”

Amanda Hessels, who has a child attending Johnny Bright school, says she sees the parking issue frequently. 

"Actually yesterday I saw someone just completely blocking the intersection," she said. "People are thinking, 'Oh, well there's room for me, I'll just kind of sneak in.' They end up blocking the intersection and then it's not safe at all." 

About 12 schools will be targeted in the month-long campaign, however the city hopes to have enforcement officers visit every school over in Edmonton over the next 10 months.