The Citadel Theatre has apologized for how it handled a controversial University of Toronto professor's request to rent the venue next month to promote his latest book.

The apology comes after the theatre confirmed Tuesday they declined Jordan Peterson's rental request for his book talk set for Feb. 11th.

In a statement from the theatre's board of directors and management posted Friday night on Facebook, the theatre says it could have handled Peterson's booking request in "a far better way."

"It is not our practice to go against our agreements, and we should have initiated a conversation with Dr. Peterson about this," the statement says.

Citadel Theatre's executive director Chantell Ghosh told CBC News on Tuesday that Peterson's views conflict with the theatre's values as an organization.

Peterson made headlines in 2016 when he publicly refused to use genderless pronouns.

The Citadel said in their Facebook post on Friday that this week's decision reminded them "that complex issues deserve exploration and conversation, not polarization."

Peterson will now have his book event at the Hyatt Place in downtown Edmonton on Feb.11.