Chileans living in Edmonton have been reaching out to family and friends in Chile after a powerful magnitude 8.2 earthquake struck off Chile's northern coast Tuesday night.

The quake killed at least six people and set off a tsunami warning, triggering Chile’s president to declare a state of emergency in the region.

Chile earthquake

The USGS says that the earthquake's centre was 10 kilometres beneath the ocean's surface and about 86 kilometres northwest of the mining port of Iquique. (Google Maps)

For Jose Beltran, whose entire family still lives in Chile, the news was unsettling. In an area rocked by frequent earthquakes, he says another can hit at any time, leaving him worried for his family.

"My mom  is 94, and to be able to move [her] so fast it's so hard. It's only God who can prevent anything."

Patricio Herreros' sister was one of those evacuated from Chile’s coast when tsunami warnings went out.

He managed to get her on the phone soon after.

"My sister told [us] that when this happens everything came down. But she is OK. Everything was dark."

Canada's Foreign Affairs department has issued an advisory warning Canadians against non-essential travel to the entire coastline of Chile.