Grande Prairie RCMP are investigating what they are calling a violent assault on a 12 year old boy over the weekend.

The boy was playing with a friend at the Hillside school playground on Saturday when he was attacked.

His jaw was broken in what his grandmother called the “knockout game” where children beat up unsuspecting victims and post the video online.

Grande Prairie knockout game

Cathy Rode says her 12-year-old grandson has been waiting five days to have his broken jaw corrected. (Supplied)

“It sends chills up my spine I cannot believe it,” said Cathy Rode, the boy’s grandmother. “People I've talked to are horrified that this is somehow part of our society.

Police say the attack was random, but they’re not confirming it is the “knockout game.”

To make matters worse, Rode says her grandson has been in pain for five days waiting for surgery to repair his jaw.

Alberta Health Services said there was a delay in the boy's surgery because other emergency surgeries have taken priority.

The boy was scheduled to finally get the needed surgery Wednesday but his grandmother said the whole family has been feeling the impact of the past five days spent worrying.

“Mad. Frustrated. Upset. I've been looking after the children. There's three younger brothers. They're afraid. It's impacted everyone and there's no end in sight.”