Edmonton police are making changes after improperly identifying a suspected young offender, says Chief Rod Knecht.

Knecht says he's disappointed his officers didn't check the information more closely before it went public.

"I'm disappointed," he said. "A lot of our folks are disappointed and we look forward to the outcome so we can make our systems better.

"We're changing some stuff so we don't make the same mistake twice."

Three officers reviewed the newspaper ads but didn't catch the mistake, said Knecht.

"We had a quality assurance in place where it went through three sets of eyes," he said "It wasn't caught in three sets of eyes."

RCMP and Alberta's privacy commission are also investigating.

The name and photo of the girl, who was being sought in a warrant crackdown, was published in two newspapers and on the EPS website.

The Youth Criminal Justice Act prohibits the identification of anyone with a warrant under the age of 18.