One person has been charged in the robbery of a south Edmonton jewelry store last week, Edmonton police said Friday.

The man is charged with robbery with a firearm, disguise, possession of stolen property under $5,000 and two breaches of probation.

He was arrested in the area of 91st Street and 180A Avenue Wednesday night.  Edmonton police have not released the suspect's age or name.

On Sept. 2, three men who appeared to be in their early 20s entered Bagga Jewellers on 93rd Street and 34th Avenue. One of them was in a wheelchair. 

While two of the men looked at the display cases, the man in the wheelchair suddenly jumped up and pointed a shotgun at the owner, police said.

The culprits then smashed the display cases and loaded jewelry into bags.

After the owner called police, he scuffled with the suspects, sustaining minor cuts and bruises.

It was the second jewelry heist in the area within a week.

On Monday, R.K. Jewellers, located just a block away, was also robbed.

However, police believe it was not connected to the robbery at Bagga Jewellers.