Alor Arop Deng has been named as the man slain near Whyte Avenue on the weekend.

Deng, 27, was shot near 104th Street and 81st Avenue around 1:30 a.m. Sunday. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police believe that some people videotaped the incident using their mobile phones. They are asking them to come forward with that information. 

“It is our understanding that portions of this incident, perhaps the entire incident, may have been recorded on mobile phones by at least five to six people,” said Staff Sgt. Brad Goeson of the homicide section. 

When asked if police are watching for video to pop up on YouTube, Goeson said that social media monitoring is a regular part of criminal investigations. 

Goeson confirmed that Deng was known to police. CBC News confirmed that Deng has a minor criminal record which includes a November 2011 conviction for drug trafficking. 

Officers won’t say if he was targeted or if the shooting was related to gangs or drugs.  

Police have no one in custody at this point.