A  ceiling collapse in north Edmonton Superstore sent shoppers and employees scrambling out of the building Sunday night.

"We were scared. I thought it was an earthquake or something," said cashier Freida Lucero, who works as a cashier at the store at 137th Avenue and 124th Street.

"There was a lot of panic."

Lucero says she heard a loud bang, and then saw an employee running from the back of the store, saying that the ceiling had collapsed and water was streaming from the roof.

An official with Edmonton Fire Rescue said a false ceiling collapsed in the deli section.

"There were reports of trapped employees, but they were able to … get themselves out," said Cpt. Darcy Sperling.

He said one of the people was taken to Misericordia Hospital; the extent of the injuries are not known.

Sperling said the water came from the building's sprinkler system, which was damaged in the collapse. He said the area was isolated and store is now cleaning up the debris.