Cat who survived Edmonton house blast dies

One of two cats who survived a house explosion in north Edmonton more than a week ago has died.
Chaos the cat, shown here last week, should be ready to go home Tuesday or Wednesday. ((CBC))
One of two cats that survived a house explosion in north Edmonton more than a week ago has died.

The two animals belonged to Cathie Heard, the woman whose body was found in the wreckage of the house that blew up on June 20th in the city's Lago Lindo neighbourhood.

Heard's two sons came forward to claim the surviving cat, named Chaos, shortly after the clinic put a call out for the owners last week. The other cat, Missy, died last week.

"Chaos is doing really well. She is eating on her own. She no longer needs her feeding tube," said Jolene Hermason, an animal health technologist at the Edmonton Veterinarians' Emergency Clinic. "She's going to be going home, either today or tomorrow."

One cat was found by a bylaw officer immediately after the blast. A police officer found the other one hours later in the wall of the house that exploded. 

The cats were taken to the emergency clinic where they were treated for smoke inhalation as well as burns to their ears, face and paws.

"It's almost proof that they have nine lives," Hermason said.

"It's just incredible to think that anything could have survived that, so for those two cats to actually survive the initial explosion and to survive even days afterwards, it's incredible. It's an amazing story of cats' characters, really."

Heard's death ruled a homicide

A memorial service will be held for Cathie Heard on Tuesday evening in Edmonton.

Heard's body was recovered from the wreckage of the home that exploded. Her death was ruled a homicide but investigators have not yet determined how she died.

Sources told CBC News that a woman's body was found bound and wrapped at the scene.

The two men who lived next door to the blast site, Craig Huber, 29, and Brad Winter, 26, also died. Their deaths were ruled homicides as well.

Dwayne Richard Poirier, 46, also lived with Heard in the house that exploded. His death has been ruled non-criminal.

Police are not looking for any suspects in the blast.