Three locomotives and three train cars derailed in north Edmonton Wednesday morning, causing a diesel leak from one of the engine that was quickly contained by firefighters.

The cars left the track just before 10:30 a.m. but remained upright at Yellowhead Trail & 72nd Street.

CN spokeswoman Emily Hamer says three trains collided while travelling at low speeds

“Preliminary indications are that three locomotives derailed upright," she said. "Two dangerous tank cars derailed upright and one empty flat car derailed upright.” 

No one was hurt and there were no evacuations. 

Edmonton firefighters were called to scene over concerns LPG propane tanks may have derailed but the car remained upright and did not leak.

Deputy Fire Chief Barry Lamb says the trains were pulling a number of tanker cars so it's fortunate only two jumped the tracks and that the only spill came from one of the locomotives hat derailed.

"The leak was diesel from the engine," he said. "It's stopped, plugged and Hazmat are going to clean it up."

While no one had to leave their homes, the derailment made for some frightening moments for area residents. 

"Very, very scary I can tell you that," said Gloria Pickard. 

Accidents such as the one in Lac Mégantic that killed 47 people in July 2013 have made her wonder if she should live so close to train tracks.